Breitling DC-3



The Douglas DC-3 twin-engine propeller plane first took to the skies in 1935, during the years when Breitling was producing its first onboard chronographs for civilian and military planes. Thanks to its performance, its sturdiness, its low fuel consumption and its long range, it revolutionized air transport. At the end of the 1930s, most of the major American and European companies were equipped with this model.

During World War II, a period when Willy Breitling was supplying his reliable and accurate instruments to the Allied forces, the DC-3 played a leading role in troop transport, and particularly in its so-called Dakota version. Nicknamed the “Normandy landings plane”, it enjoyed its moment of fame in June 1944 by towing countless gliders and dropping thousands of paratroops on the coasts of Normandy. General Eisenhower paid it a vibrant homage by counting it among the four “pillars” of victory in Africa and Europe.

The DC-3 HB-IRJ flying under the Breitling colors was built in 1940. Maintained in exceptional condition, it illustrates the brand’s determination to safeguard the finest gems in the history of the conquest of the skies.

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