Breitling Super Constellation



05 Sep. 2015
Round trip
Basel - Bern (CH)
06 Sep. 2015
Round trip
Bern - Basel (CH)
19 Sep. 2015
Display kleine brögel
Peer (BEL)
20 Sep. 2015
Display Sanicole airshow
Hechtel (BEL)


For all aviation enthusiasts, the Lockheed Super Constellation remains one of the finest symbols of the conquest of the skies. Equipped with four ultra-powerful "turbo-compound" engines, this magnificent long-haul propeller plane dominated civil aviation in the 1950s by asserting itself as the "king of the Atlantic", capable of crossing the ocean without any stop-overs. It served the world's greatest airlines during this period, setting new standards of comfort and luxury. Not to mention its incomparable silhouette with its aerodynamic dolphin-shaped fuselage and triple vertical stabilizer tail-fins. The Breitling Super Constellation "Star of Switzerland" is one of the last three "Super Connies" in flightworthy condition in the world, and the only one based in Europe. Built in 1955, it flew 17 years for the American air force, before beginning a second civilian career. It was restored in the 1990s by a group of passionate devotees and made its grand European comeback in 2004. Since then, it regularly takes part in various air shows, and each of its appearances is greeted with enthusiasm by spectators of all ages. In supporting this project, Breitling is committed to safeguarding an authentic flying legend that also bears incomparably eloquent testimony to the golden age of propeller planes.