Breitling Boutique Luzern

Breitling Boutique Luzern
Opening hours
Thursday: 10:00-18:00
Friday: 10:00-18:00
Saturday: 10:00-17:00
Sunday: 14:00-18:00
Tuesday: 10:00-18:00
Wednesday: 10:00-18:00
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Breitling Boutique Luzern

Our beautiful Lucerne Boutique is spread over two floors in the middle of the Mecca of Swiss Watchmaking street. A proud-looking pilot is on guard, but above all, he points out the path of our industrial-looking loft shop with wood mixes and metal structures. An experienced team will be happy to lead you through the spaces dedicated to our magnificent collection and to welcome you in a quiet friendly lounge. If you would like to request a particular service or to reserve a visiting time to discover our collection, we invite you to book an appointment by email or call us directly.