Super Constellation

One of the finest symbols of the conquest of the skies

One of the finest symbols of the conquest of the skies

Aviation history is dotted with milestones, such as the day when the Wright brothers’ plane took off in 1903. It is also composed of legendary aircraft that have made an indelible imprint on memories and imaginations. Ones like the Lockheed Super Constellation.

First launched in 1943, this four-engine propeller plane revolutionized civilian transport in the 1950s by asserting itself as the “king of the Atlantic”, and remains one of the finest symbols of the conquest of the skies. This authentic “airliner” heralded a new era, that of comfortable and safe air travel. It made its mark on its era thanks to its peerless performance, along with its inimitable elegance featuring a dolphin-like curved fuselage and triple-tail design.

The Breitling Super Constellation “Star of Switzerland” is one of the world’s two remaining flightworthy “Super Connies”, and the only one based in Europe. Built in 1955, it was restored in the 1990s by a group of passionate enthusiasts and regularly takes part in various air shows.

By supporting the safeguarding of this legendary aircraft, Breitling is asserting its determination to preserve our collective aeronautical heritage – the magnificent adventure with which its own history is inextricably entwined.