Breitling Boutique Hiroshima

Breitling Boutique Hiroshima
Opening hours
Sunday: 11:00-19:30
Monday: 11:00-19:30
Tuesday: 11:00-19:30
Thursday: 11:00-19:30
Friday: 11:00-19:30
Saturday: 11:00-19:30
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Breitling Boutique Hiroshima
Breitling Boutique Hiroshima

Breitling’s first flagship store in the Chūgoku region of Japan. Opening its doors within the hot shopping avenue of Namiki-Dori located in the Fukuro-machi district of Hiroshima city, our Boutique welcomes you to a fully immersive experience of the Breitling universe within the confines of its elegant one-story shop. The modern-retro lounge displays over 180 gorgeous watches, ranging from the latest releases to rare limited editions. Our profoundly knowledgeable watch specialists welcome you with open arms, as they help you find the perfect piece that fits your lifestyle, fashion, and personality.