Exospace B55

구매 가능성 문의 방문 예약


In creating its first connected chronograph, Breitling places the smartphone in the service of the watch so as to enhance its functionality. The Exospace B55 houses an exclusive caliber equipped with a range of original functions tailor-made for pilots and yachtsman: an electronic tachymeter, a ”countdown/countup“ system, a “chrono flight” and “chrono regatta” device for recording flight and regatta times, respectively, while memorizing departure and arrival times. The user-friendliness of this model is enhanced by the simple and logical control mode, and two ultra-legible LCD screens with backlighting system that can be activated by pressing the crown or tilting the wrist. This futuristic, high-tech innovation features a titanium case with rider-tab bezel as well as a sturdy, sporty strap.

기술적 사양


브라이틀링 55 (자사개발)
슈퍼쿼츠TM, 온도 영향 보정 기능, 아날로그 12/24시간 LCD 디지털 디스플레이, 디스플레이 백라이팅(NVG 야간 투시경 호환), EOL(배터리 잔량 표시) 기능
1/100초 (최대 99시간 59분 59초), Flyback function, 전자 타코미터
디지털, 퍼페추얼
기타 기능
countdown timer, 7 daily alarms, CountDown/CountUp Clock, (max. 99 days, 23 hrs 59 min. 59.99 sec.) with independent alarm, UTC worldtime; pairing possiblity (Bluetooth Low Energy) with a smartphone (dedicated Application) for data transfer and «remote» settings




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