Navitimer Cosmonaute Ref. 809 Mark 2 - NAVITIMER/REF.809/MK2
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As rare as the Mk1 Navtimer Cosmonautes are, the ref. 809 Mk2 is even rarer. An unknown quantity of these were assembled in 1963 with "regular" 40.3mm rice-bead bezels. Less than a dozen have been seen over the years.

Per Scott Carpenter's request, the dial was given a 24-hour display to help tell day from night in space. The Hour:Minutes track on the dials was also removed to enhance legibility. The hands set is unique to Mk1 and Mk2 Navtimer Cosmonaute with a lumed teardrop tip chrono sweep hand and the wide lumed syringe minute hand is slightly longer than on the Navitimer Mk1 and Mk2.

Dials are glossy black with lumed 24h arabics and indexes.

Caliber: Venus cal. 178, modified; WOG-coded
Case: tapered lugs, ca. 40mm diameter
Bezel: large beads, ca. 40.3mm diameter
Dial: 24h Black, monochrome slide rule
Hands: wide lumed syringe with unique minute hand, lumed teardrop tip chrono sweep
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