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Made by Breitling
Breitling - Movement


Breitling is a chronograph specialist that has played a key role in the technical development of this complication, including by inventing the two independent pushpieces and by presenting the first selfwinding chronograph (1969). The firm belongs to the highly exclusive circle of watch manufacturers...

Breitling - Case


Breitling cases are designed to accompany professionals on their most extreme missions. They must therefore provide maximum protection in case of impacts, and each detail of their construction has been developed and tested to withstand intensive use. They are also distinguished by their technical co...

Breitling - Dial


Featuring aesthetic sophistication, a refined play on hollowed and raised surfaces, as well as meticulous finishing, the dials of Breitling chronographs and watches require mastery of cutting-edge production methods combining traditional skills with ultra-modern technologies. Each detail has been de...

Breitling - Hands


Making a hand such as the famous Breitling chronograph center seconds hand adorned with the Breitling B calls for meticulous care and a number of different operations. Machining tolerances are minimal and handling is a truly delicate task. Few manufacturers today are able to master the finesse of bl...

Breitling - Crystal


Breitling chronographs and wrist instruments are all equipped with sapphire crystals that are glareproofed on both sides. This guarantees extreme sturdiness, combined with optimal readability of the information in all circumstances.

Breitling - Bracelets


Breitling bracelets are distinguished by their proven sturdiness, their comfort on the wrist, their exclusive design and their high-end finishing. So as to enable them to withstand the forces of traction and torsion (pulling and twisting) to which they will be subjected on a daily basis, the firm ha...

Breitling - Quality control

Quality control

To guarantee products complying with the highest technical and aesthetic parameters, not only does Breitling work with the finest suppliers and entrust production to the most expert watchmakers using the most sophisticated equipment, but the firm has also instated comprehensive and stringent test pr...

Breitling - Casing up

Casing up

The performances of a watch product partially depend on the quality of the air in the premises where it was cased up. To ensure the smooth operation of its chronometers in even the most testing conditions, Breitling has equipped its production building with a sophisticated system enabling constant r...

Breitling - Research & development

Research & development

Throughout its history, Breitling has distinguished itself by countless innovations and technical improvements relating to both movements and watch exteriors. The firm pursues this constant quest for optimization through an extremely active "Research & Development" unit staffed by the finest special...

Breitling - Customer service

Customer service

A Breitling watch is a highly sophisticated precision instrument operating 24/7 under a wide range of circumstances. It must therefore be maintained in a regular and ultra-professional manner in order to safeguard its performances and its reliability over the long term.