Jet Team

Breitling has supported the internationally acclaimed Breitling Jet Team since 2003. The partnership with the aerobatic specialists is a potent expression of Breitling’s legendary association with aviation, and the Swiss watch brand remains enthusiastic about its highest-flying ambassadors. The partnership with the Jet Team has special significance to the brand since Breitling and the Jet Team are characterized by some striking synergies, notably technological achievement and mastery, aesthetic sophistication and human excellence. They are arguably the face of Breitling’s aviation heritage.


Breitling is proud of its partnership with English motorcycle producer Norton Motorcycles. We have a lot in common with Norton: both brands have a strong heritage and were founded in the nineteenth century by visionaries who gave their names to their companies and, to a large extent, defined their industries. As Breitling CEO Georges Kern points out, the brands have an incredible ‘cool factor’ – a quality at the very heart of this inspired partnership.

Ocean Conservancy

In 2018 Breitling announced a partnership with Ocean Conservancy, an organization dedicated to the global fight for a healthy ocean and clean beaches. Breitling will be organizing beach cleanups around the globe and looks forward to educating children on how they can help restore the health of the ocean and prevent the spread of pollution. Breitling will also donate part of the proceeds from the sales of a special limited-edition SuperOcean Héritage watch to Ocean Conservancy.