Gifting Service

Gifting Service

Breitling, in partnership with 4Gift, offers a meaningful way to send gifts digitally. This convenient service lets you share the cost of a gift, time its virtual delivery to a special occation and give your recipient the final say on the details.

The gift-sharing option is ideal for families, friends or colleagues who want to pool funds for a group gift. As the organizer, you create the gift profile and invite participants. Once they agree, 4Gift discreetly manages cost collection via email.

On the selected date, the recipient receives a custom link to a virtual gift opening experience that you can customize with a personal note or video. Digital delivery means you can send the gift instantly (and never miss an occasion).

Once alerted to their gift, the recipient can fine-tune the selection within the chosen model or even exchange the gift completely for something that better suits. It's a win-win approach to gifting.

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