Breitling Books

Welcome to our selection of Breitling publications, featuring two remarkable books: Breitling: 140 Years in 140 Stories and The Breitling Book of Surfing. One commemorates Breitling's 140-year journey with captivating narratives, while the other explores the world of surfing as told by surf communities from around the world. Explore the pages ahead to uncover the allure of Breitling's iconic designs and rich heritage.

Surf book

Since launching its first SuperOcean dive watch back in 1957, Breitling has cultivated a special connection with the surf community, one based on a sense of adventure and a shared love of the sea. Now you can dive into this captivating world with The Breitling Book of Surfing, authored by Ben Mondy.
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Commemorative Book

Discover Breitling’s legacy through our upcoming anniversary book: 140 Years in 140 Stories. The narrative traces our humble beginnings from Leon Breitling’s modest workshop in Saint-Imier to our emergence as one of the most important watch brands of the 21st century.
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