As good as new

Breitling movements consist of a number of components, constantly interacting in a very restricted space. Despite the use of top-class materials and the extreme care devoted to manufacturing, this mechanical action unavoidably results in wear and tear. Affected by external constraints, waterproofing seals also become less effective over time. Regular maintenance, properly carried out, will allow the “motor” of your watch to maintain its performance and reliability in the long term, due to the components being cleaned, worn pieces being replaced, and lubrication. It also helps keep your watch looking new due to meticulous polishing of the case and bracelet. By respecting the service deadlines recommended by Breitling, and by ensuring that servicing is done by an authorized service center, you will extend the lifespan of your watch – and protect your investment.

Breitling’s authorized service centers offer two types of maintenance interventions. The frequency of these services may vary depending on conditions of use.

Breitling Service

Service prices

To avoid excessive pricing for repair services and related spare parts to the detriment of end consumers and to safeguard the reputation and image of Breitling's products, Breitling has published a list of maximum prices for repair services where no individualized offers are required.

Service warranty

All interventions (maintenance services or complete services) come with a guarantee, the duration of which is mentioned on the invoice.