Breitling’s Surfer Squad members are the personalities behind the Superocean and Superocean Heritage sea-watch collections. This impressive trio includes American Kelly Slater, the most successful surfer of all time, together with Stephanie Gilmore, the most successful female surfer of all time, and Sally Fitzgibbons, a multiple title-holding champion hailing from Australia. Just like the philosophy behind our sea watches, these top surfers bring together precision, performance and relaxed elegance, all while sharing our commitment to maintaining clean oceans and beaches.

Meet the Surfer Squad.

Superocean Automatic 36 - Stainless steel & 18k red gold - White


Stephanie Gilmore entered the professional surfing scene in 2007, winning four of the eight events and claiming the World Surf League title in her rookie year. She has dominated ever since, winning her eighth world title in 2022 to become the greatest female surfer of all time. Like all Breitling squad members, her range of talents extends well beyond the discipline she’s famous for. Stephanie is passionate about getting more women and girls into surfing and spends her free days travelling the globe, photographing her adventures and playing her many guitars.
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Superocean Automatic 42 - Stainless steel - Cream

Sally Fitzgibbons

At only 17, Sally Fitzgibbons won the World Surf League Qualifying Series, becoming the youngest and fastest surfer ever to qualify for the world tour at that time. Twelve WSL titles, one Summer Games and three World ISA Championships later, she is still just as passionate about competing. But surfing isn’t her only love. She clinched gold medals in the 800 m and 1,500 m track events at the Youth Olympics in 2007, representing her native Australia. This accomplished athlete never bows to defeat, which makes her the perfect fit for the Breitling Surfer Squad.
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Superocean Automatic 44 - Stainless steel - Turquoise


Kelly Slater is an 11-time World Surf League champion and widely regarded as the greatest professional surfer of all time. He’s a frequent collaborator with Breitling, including on the Superocean Automatic 42 Kelly Slater limited edition, as well as on our line of ECONYL® straps, upcycled from plastic waste recovered from the world’s oceans and co-created with Slater’s sustainable clothing brand, Outerknown.
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Surfer collection

The Breitling Book of Surfing

Since launching its first SuperOcean dive watch back in 1957, Breitling has cultivated a special connection with the surf community, one based on a sense of adventure and a shared love of the sea. Now you can dive into this captivating world with The Breitling Book of Surfing, authored by Ben Mondy. Embark on an exploration across six continents, from Ireland’s rugged coasts to the renowned beaches of Oahu, Hawaii. With a foreword by Mikey February and an introduction by Stephanie Gilmore, the book takes you through intimate interviews with accomplished surfers from shores worldwide, offering insight into the waves that shape their lives and unite them globally. Come along for the ride as Breitling connects the diverse characters, unexpected outposts, and collective experiences that have turned a water sport into a way of life. Order your copy through the link below.
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