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The Navitimer Mk6 is the first to introduce a splash of color on dials and slide rules. Red accents help to locate the most widely used calculation points. Particularly unique to this execution is what's known as the "Boxed 10," for the red boxes that appear around the slide rule's inner and outer number 10. While the boxed 10 quite quickly disappears, the red accents (or orange accents on gold-plated and solid-gold examples) remain part of the Navitimer design code for most future executions and are still present in modern examples today.

The Mk6 too uses black dials with constrating silverwhite subdials. "Twin Jet" logos for Breitling-distributed Navitimer are silverwhite, while the "AOPA-signed" wings change from gilt to silverwhite print design on later examples.

Caliber: Venus 178, WOG-coded or uncoded from late 1967 onwards
Case: tapered lugs, ca. 40mm diameter
Bezel: serrated pointed notch bezel, ca. 41mm diameter
Dial: black with silverwhite subdials, red accents and "boxed 10" on dial and slide rule
Hands: lumed tapered baton hands, arrow tip chrono sweep
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Navitimer 1959 Edition

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