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PRODUCTION SPAN: 1968/69-1974

Navitimer Mk8 "Big Eyes" bring us a new dial again. The silverwhite subdials grow significantly, from 7.8mm on all previous contrasting subdials executions to 9mm, and the tritium baton hour indexes now have pointed tips instead of the straight tips we see on earlier models.

The Mk8s have red accents on both dial and slide rule. Logos are "Twin Jet" for Breitling-distributed Navitimers or silverwhite printed "AOPA-signed" wings for AOPA-distributed models.

Caliber: Venus 178, uncoded
Case: tapered lugs, ca. 40mm diameter
Bezel: serrated pointed notch bezel, ca. 41mm diameter
Dial: black with silverwhite "Big Eye" subdials, red accents on dial and slide rule
Hands: lumed tapered baton hands, arrow tip chrono sweep
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Ref. LB0910211C1P1

Navitimer 1959 Edition

USD 45,700 i
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Navitimer 1959 Edition

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Navitimer B01 Chronograph 46

USD 9,650 i
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