What to avoid

Extreme temperatures

Breitling watches are ideally designed to function in temperatures between 0° and 50°C. They should not be left in extreme heat for any length of time, or exposed to direct sunlight. Temperatures above 60°C may result in the watch malfunctioning, and in particular the battery. Very cold temperatures below 0°C may result in a considerable lack of precision. Thermal shocks should also be avoided, notably in terms of going straight from sun exposure to underwater, which may result in the crystal shattering.


Breitling watches must not be worn around chemicals, solvents or dangerous gases. Substances such as petrol, thinners, nail polish, perfume, cosmetics, cleaning products, glue or paint can spoil the case, damage the water resistance seals or discolor leather straps.


Breitling watches are made to stand up to intensive use. Care must be taken, however, to avoid dropping them or knocking hard objects.

Powerful magnetic fields

Avoid exposing the watch to powerful magnetic fields. Magnetic fields caused by certain household appliances and electronic devices may affect the precision of your watch, particularly if it is in direct contact with the objects in question.