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The origins label

We’ve spent the last few years reshaping the way we source our precious materials. Breitling’s Origins-label watches—featuring better gold and better diamonds—are the result. Their artisanal and small-scale gold and lab-grown diamonds are fully traceable to producers who we’ve individually selected for their responsibility towards their employees, their local communities and the environment. The entire supply chain is documented, verified, and shared back with you. By 2025, all our products will be made with this level of transparency.

<strong>BETTER GOLD</strong>

Sourced from artisanal and small-scale mines with a focus on workplace standards, community engagement, and protection of their natural surroundings.  

<strong>BETTER DIAMONDS</strong>

Certified lab-grown to ensure they are free of association with conflict, human rights abuses, and environmental degradation.  

<strong>BETTER TRACEABILITY</strong>

Independently verified by a third party, transparently disclosed and recorded on the owner’s blockchain-backed NFT.  

At Breitling, we’re on a mission to do better by creating beautiful products and experiences with better materials, better manufacturing, and better packaging. The Origins label is one of the ways that, action by action, we’re transforming our business.


Learn more about Breitling’s commitment to sustainability in our annual Sustainability Mission Report. It outlines all that we’re doing, including making a groundbreaking shift to flat-fold watch boxes made of upcycled PET material, achieving carbon neutrality and eliminating plastic waste across all our operations.

Origins Story

Follow the journey of our very first traceable watch, the Super Chronomat Origins, as its precious materials travel from their source to the watch on your wrist.
What makes us happy is the power to develop communities and projects that bring impact.
Catalina Gomez
Community Project Specialist


Breitling sources gold from artisanal and small-scale mines that meet the Swiss Better Gold Association’s stringent criteria. The association establishes traceable supply chains between source mines and the market in Switzerland, requiring its members to achieve high levels of social and environmental performance. Breitling is working towards 100% gold traceable to these specific mines by 2025. For every gram purchased, Breitling makes a contribution that directly supports the communities we source from. They, in turn, benefit from infrastructure investment, legal wages, healthy working conditions, protection of biodiversity, and, at the close of mining activities, land rehabilitation.​ Click below to read about all that the Swiss Better Gold Association is doing to improve the gold trade.

You cannot talk about sustainability without knowing where your products come from.
Stanley Mathuram
SCS-007 Sustainability
Rated Diamonds standard


By 2024, Breitling will have completed an industry leading transition to lab-grown diamonds. These gemstones are made by applying gas and extreme heat to a diamond slice, which crystallizes the carbon and allows the diamonds to grow under controlled conditions. Grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in every way, and knowing their precise origin means we can be sure that they are free from association with conflict, human rights abuses and environmental degradation. What’s more, for every carat purchased, Breitling contributes to a social impact fund that supports diamond-producing communities. Click below to read about the rigorous SCS-007 Sustainability Rated Diamonds standard for traceability, environmental responsibility and business ethics that all of our grown diamonds must meet.

Supply chain transparency is the future. This is how all products will need to be very soon.
Leonardo Bonanni
founder and CEO of Sourcemap


To verify our supply chain, we’ve partnered with Sourcemap, a leading transparency expert. Sourcemap has traced and validated the journey—from raw material to finished product—along with the social and environmental performance of our suppliers along the way. Click below to read how Sourcemap carries out its in-depth supply-chain assessments.

Our supply chain
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