Disclosure of Purchasing Data by Breitling to Riskified Ltd. and processing of Purchasing Data by Riskified Ltd.

When you purchase Breitling products on the e-commerce platform of the website, Breitling will disclose your Purchasing Data with Riskified Ltd., a company with registered offices at 30 Kalisher St., Tel Aviv 6525724 Israel (hereinafter referred to as “Riskified”), that will carry out security and anti-fraud checks on the transactions carried out.

Riskified is a company that specializes in anti-fraud services, software and platforms in the field of e-commerce. Riskified will process your Purchasing Data as data controller to ascertain the security of your payments.

Breitling discloses your Purchasing Data to Riskified, who processes the same, in the interest of Breitling, in order to guarantee the legality of payments made using the e-commerce platform of the Website. The data processing by Riskified will be carried out through automated means and will consist of aggregating your Purchasing Data with other data relevant to transactions concluded on e-commerce platforms, in order to assess the regularity of the payment, according to pre-determined criteria. The legal basis for this is Art. 6 (1) b) GDPR.

For a description of the commitments and measures provided by Riskified to guarantee the protection of your data, please read Riskified’s Privacy Policy, which includes the email address of the Riskified Data Protection Officer and information on how long the Purchasing Data processed by Riskified will be retained by the same. You may also contact Breitling on dataprivacy@breitling.com for more information about how Riskified protects your Purchasing Data.

Please be aware that the disclosure of your Purchasing Data to Riskified entails the transfer of your Purchasing Data outside the European Economic Area.

Your Purchasing Data will be transferred to the United States of America, where they will be retained in the Riskified servers in that country. This transfer is subject to Riskified’s undertaking to provide adequate guarantees relevant to your Purchasing Data, by accepting the standard “Controller to Controller” contract clauses adopted by the Commission pursuant to art. 26 (2) of Directive 95/46/EC and art. 46 (2) d) of the Regulation.

A backup copy of your Purchasing Data will also be retained by Riskified on servers in the State of Israel. Your personal data are transferred according to the adequacy decision of the European Commission adopted on 31 January 2011, which recognized that the legal system of the State of Israel ensures that your right to the protection of your personal data, is substantially guaranteed, and equivalent to that in force in the European Union. 

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