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Blacksteel watches

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Tradition and modern aesthetics combined in one. Due to its popularity, a Blacksteel version can be found in most of our watch families.

Breitling Blacksteel watches stun with its diamond-like carbon case. Its black finish combines bold and stealth to give you a sporty appearance.

Country Exclusive
Superocean Automatic 46 Black Steel - M173681A1L1S1
Superocean Automatic 46 Black Steel
USD 6,550 i

When Breitling introduced its first “Blacksteel” watches, they proved so popular that there are now Breitling Blacksteel versions in most of our watch families. A Breitling Blacksteel case has a stunning DLC (diamond-like carbon) black finish, which gives it a bold but stealthy appearance that complements its sporty nature.

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